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A Compromise—With Myself August 1, 2014 Day 46

Hi, I’m annoyed at myself. Clearly, writing something everyday is too much of a hassle to do, so lets compromise, Self? Sound Good? Good. I’ll try and write something at least once a week. I’m obviously writing this for myself because its not like anyone actually reads these posts but me.

It really does make me feel better when I do write a post. It’s amazing how great you feel when you let something off your chest even when you know no one is really listening. It goes to show that you shouldn’t keep all of you feelings bottled up—that doesn’t do anyone any good, especially yourself.

It’s funny, now I’m sitting here and I have so many feelings and so many things to say, but I don’t feel like typing them all out. I’ve been really unhappy lately with my relationship with my mother and seeing as I’m leaving in 50fifty-count them ||||| the BIG FIVE-OH days—I don’t see that changing. On the other hand, my relationship with my sister has been flourishing into a great friendship. For the longest time if you would have asked me if my sister and I were friends I probably would have laughed in your face. Now, I can say that yes-we are friends. Without breaking out laughing with the following “yeah, were friends” wink wink-nod nod. 

It’s hard to believe that it’s already August. This summer has been moving brutally slow. I’m not digging it. I’m totally ready to leave. I got my roommate/dorm assignments on Wednesday-I think. I got the dorm I wanted. It has a VERY small sitting room, a bedroom, and it’s own bathroom. There are three people per room and I was totally ok with that. That is until one of my roommates, lets call her Sammy, shared with me that our other roommate, lets call her Hannah, were cousins. Yes, joy, cousins. Not only are they cousins, but they’re BEST FRIENDS. YAY! Talk about a built in third-wheel! 

I talked to my sister and Jere, they both laughed and said that the whole “best friend” thing won’t last past first semester. What I should really be worried about is the fights, the jealousy, and the arguments that shall ensue from this arrangement. They also told me to make other friends fast, so I don’t have to pick a side between them when it inevitably blows up. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen and fingers crossed that I’m a great third wheel.

I’ve been emailing Sammy all week, she added me on facebook, and seems like a pretty okay person. I was facebook stalking and took notice to the Conservative Party she had underneath her political views and her Christianity that she had under her religious views. Hopefully she has an open mind, because I am not a conservative and I am certainly not a Christian. Though, more power to her! I’m glad, that means that there will be no sex in the room if I’m trying to sleep! Theres a plus side to everything.. hahaha right?


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July 18, 2014 Day 45

It’s been an unbelievably uneventful boring day.

It’s Kind Of A Funny Story July 17, 2014 Day 44

I got a job in September of last year. It was my first job and I was super nervous. I went in for the interview and totally aced it. It was probably like 5 minutes long—two days later they called and offered me a job. *I’d literally spent the whole summer of 2013 looking—so I was more than happy to say a big wooping “yes!”. The fine dining establishment that I just so happened to get a job at was Krispy Kreme.

Yes, I know, I know. Must have been so much fun, right? Did you like, eat doughnuts all the time? Did you make your own doughnuts? If I come in can I get free doughnuts?

No, No, No, and eh—depends on if I like you and if one of the cool managers are working or if the manager is in his/her office. I had a really stressful job—trust me, I wasn’t the retail person. I wasn’t putting doughnuts into boxes or ringing up customers. I was the one picking up the doughnuts off the conveyor belt, I was the one dipping all the doughnuts, making the apple-fritters, filling orders for our sister stores, and making sure the whole store was stalked as well as making sure the orders got out on time. It was overwhelming at times, I was over my head, I was taking a full load in high school as well as two college classes, and a 40 hour a week job was just awful.

But, I made it work. I made great friends who, I know for a fact, I would have never talked to in “the real” world. I worked Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve. I gave my heart and soul into the job. I think that’s why I ended up hating it so much. In mid-april I decided to call it quits. 

Why? The scheduling Manager hated me. (Another story, for another day. But, I can thank my mom for that one.) And this one Manager, lets call him Wyatt, was on a high horse because he had just recently gotten promoted. He was such a cool guy, frankly, I thought we were friend-ish-companions. (I thought we were cool with one another.) 

I walked into work one day and Wyatt wouldn’t even make eye contact with me. I was like.. uh, ok. And I went to the Managers office and another Manager, lets call her Sam, told me she needed to talk to me. She handed me a write up—mind you, the write up was from two weeks ago, but thats not what bothered me, it said that me and another co-worker had completed the order for our sister store and our doughnuts were so awful that Wyatt had to redo every single one of the doughnuts. (Wasting time, energy, and product.) I then proceeded to tell Sam that I and the other co-worker had only finished maybe 2 dozen doughnuts that night and it couldn’t be possible—ever that my doughnuts were ‘awful’, I was one of the best decorators. Everyone knew that. Sam told me to talk to Wyatt, so I walked up to him and he totally tired to ignore me. I told him my peace and he told me to deal with it. That he had already written the report and if he took it back that would make him look bad. Then I asked who else I could talk to about it and he just said the scheduling manager—“but she doesn’t really like you, so that would be pointless.” His words, not mine.

Then he proceeded to tell me that I had been “spoken to” about my doughnuts before. That, in fact, was a blatant lie. I had NEVER been spoken to about my doughnuts. I told him that and he says, “That’s not what I heard.” Then he tells me that I should write me up again for having this conversation while still on the clock.

Now, this on top of the crazy amount of stress the last semester of senior year entails, along with working almost 40 hours each week, being denied days off, and having to deal with managers who were clearly out to get me, was not a safe working environment. It was soon after that, when I came home crying almost every night, I made the choice to leave Krispy Kreme, before I lost it completely. 

I do blame Wyatt for making me leave. He made me so uncomfortable in the weeks after he said all of that to me. I didn’t feel as if the work that i was working so hard on was being appreciated and/or wanted. It was the worst and the best experience of my life. I now know that I will never work in the fast food industry again.

So there, thats my “It’s Kind Of A Funny Story” of the month! 


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Every Morning July 16, 2014 Day 43

This day has flown by. I can hardly believe that it’s already 10:15 at night. I haven’t really done anything all day. I woke up, took a nap, went to walgreens to pick up a prescription, then watched the new episode of Big Brother, and reluctantly sat through the Finding Carter episode from a few days ago.

I had such high hopes for that show and I am so disappointed! It could have been a really amazing show, but Carter is such an unlikable character. I understand that her whole life was literally turned upside down in a matter of seconds, but she doesn’t seem to grasp the real reality that someone took her. That someone is her “real mother”, she doesn’t seem to understand that anyone who would do something like that is absolutely mental—it’s crazy to me that she’s being so hateful to her biological mother. 

Anyway, in conclusion, it was just a let down. Hopefully it’ll get better, but I don’t really have high hopes. (I had high hopes with The Secret Life Of An American Teenager and we all saw how that ended up!)

This summer is going be so slowly. I can’t stand it any longer. Perhaps it’s because I’m leaving for college (and I am beyond words so ecstatic). I can’t wait to get my housing assignments and my roommate! —I would have figured I would know already, but I guess not. It’s already mid-July and I have no clue. (This happens to be driving me nuts!)

I need some book recommendations! I love Sarah Dessen, Jenny Han, and basically anything with a teen/young adult romance story. I’ve been reading a lot of One Direction fanfiction. I’ve been reading Elephant Gun, When The Sky Turns Grey, and I am absolutely in love with/hate with a burning passion Tennessee Teacakes. (Just kidding, it’s so amazing. Ashley is an amazing writer and you should absolutely go check out her stuff!)

College Countdown: 66 Days

Alpenglow July 15, 2014 Day 42

I am obsessed with dorm room hauls, dorm room tours, and shopping for college supplies. I’ve never been so excited to leave home before, like this whole summer I’ve been away from home, and I’m not even scared that I’m going to miss home too much when I do leave for college in the fall anymore.

See, in May when I left on my Senior Trip to SoCal with the rest of the senior class I was terrified that I was going to miss my mom, my bed, my house, and even my shower too much. I turns out that I had the best time of my life and I didn’t even miss home. Better yet, I didn’t even want to leave.

This summer I have been housesitting so much. In this month alone I will have spent a little over 4 nights at home and almost every other night at someone else’s house. I spent a week in San Jose—my friends came up and we did Santa Cruz, The Mystery Spot, and the Winchester Mystery House. It was so much fun. After that I was home for a day before I started my next job, I finished that today—I’ll be home until Friday before I begin another job. I never thought I’d miss my own bed so much! But I really am enjoying the freedom.

I’ve been struggling with a friendship lately, it’s pretty dumb and not worth talking about, but I thought I’d document it.

I am ready for the new chapter in life that College presents. Hopefully writing daily again will help the time move faster. I know when I started this my Junior year of high school it helped that year end faster. I’m glad I’m in a better place than I was then. I’m glad that I am glad. I hope all of you are too.

Happy tumblring. Have a fantastic Tuesday.

Countdown to College: 67 Days